Real Estate Development

NAC is also an expert with high experiences in running real estate development project business. residential projects the company has successfully completed such as “Baan Vipawadee 60 – Bangkhen” housing project, “The Rich Condominium –  Ram Intra” project, etc.

Besides, NAC has been the advisor on conducting real estate development project for several development project owners/investors, both in Bangkok and upcountry.

And at present, NAC has been under operation of several real estate development project in Chiangmai, such as :

“Ang Khang 802” project at Doi Ang Khang, Fang District.

“Sunny Avenue 1” and “Sunny Avenue 2” projects at Mae Ai District. 

While several projects are being under process of feasibility analysis and design.

NAC would like to propose to you our works of your project feasibility analysis, project design, project construction, project construction management, marketing and sales, project finance or pre-finance and housing loan for your buying customers for all kinds of residential project.